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In this area of my website I set out items of news, commentary, blogs and articles. The most recent are set out below with a longer list in the right-hand column and many more which can be found using the search facility. Please do get in touch with me about any of these articles and the issues raised.

Family law issues relating to foreign superannuations, pensions

Dealing with superannuation policies on divorce is one of the harder elements of family law work. But when there are foreign supers, pensions, involved, the matter becomes incredibly more complicated. Superannuations differ around the world with different fiscal implications, benefits, valuations and level of funds consistent with the lifestyle and overall finances of the family. Advice from a super adviser…

Digital domestic abuse: the need for international laws and protections

There is urgent need for cross-border protection from digital domestic abuse. Existing laws in respect of cross-border domestic abuse protections are patchy, confined to a few countries and relatively rarely enforced. Specifically they anticipate domestic abuse will be of a physical or verbal threatening nature. However domestic violence or other physical domestic abuse is often accompanied by, or just is,…

Divorce forum disputes: when dual nationality may not be a possibility

As there can be dramatic financial and other differences for an international family in proceedings in one country or another, jurisdiction is fundamentally important.  It is sometimes based on nationality.  But some countries prevent citizens having nationality of more than one country.  International family lawyers need to be aware of which countries allow or prohibit dual nationality.  This article looks…

Innovative New International Family Law Arbitration Scheme Announced in Fiji

Today (4th September 2017) at the 16th Australian Family Lawyers Conference in Fiji, Prof. Patrick Parkinson and David Hodson, two of the world’s leading international family lawyers, have launched an innovative new scheme to help international families. Called ‘The International Family Law Arbitration Scheme’ (IFLAS) it will avoid long and expensive forum litigation and will help couples work out where…

The Islamic marriage conundrum

The Islamic marriage conundrum: Report of day conference at Institute of Advanced Legal Studies David Hodson OBE   I was delighted to be invited to speak at a conference on Saturday, 9 May 2015 to consider the conundrum in the Islamic community, but of importance to our country and specifically our family law, regarding the non-registration of many marriages and…

Unaccompanied minors and airline surcharges:The extra costs of long distance contact

The costs of international travel are a crucial factor for international families when children have contact with parents in different countries.  It can be a vital factor in relocation applications.  The “unaccompanied minors” arrangements of many airlines can be essential for the children and their parents but have their own cost to be taken into account   See attached article

Perfect marriages and perfect weddings

"The dream of having a perfect wedding is threatening the very institution of marriage."  My report on a fascinating discussion led by Dr Rowan Williams

David Hodson is Family Law Commentator of the Year

David Hodson receives the prestigious inaugural Jordans award for Family Law Commentator of the Year, at the awards ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London. This was for his outstanding contribution to commentary on family law developments nationally and internationally. Unlike most of the other awards, it was specifically voted by family lawyers. iFLG is delighted at this…

2020 Vision

A Vision of what family law may be like in 2020, written in 2008 and therefore mostly there!  

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