Over the years, I have been in a fortunate position to be able to write and lecture about a number of issues affecting family law.

I have also had a tremendous opportunity to be involved in leading and substantial cases, in trends in professional practice, the reform of the law and on committees running professional organisations. I have met many international lawyers, here and abroad.

Conscious of this benefit, I have throughout tried to share what I have learned in articles and talks. Many of these saw life in a publication or a set of lecture notes and then disappeared. In some cases, fortuitously so!

But I am very happy to share them here in the hope they may be of use and help to others.

They are for information only and no liability can be accepted for reliance on them – the lawyer bit again!!

They have been written at various times and therefore they are up-to-date on the date shown. Please contact me for more up-to-date information

This is subject only to copyright issues. I am happy if they are printed and shared with others PROVIDED there is always a written and prominent attribution to me as author and holder of the copyright and my web site address is given for direct contact AND PROVIDED also they are not used for financial profit or gain, directly or indirectly. Please see my copyright and legal notices page. If in doubt, please contact me.

I am grateful for all those colleagues who have helped me write some of the articles and notes. I welcome any comment and feedback.