I am a qualified, licensed lay preacher in the Church of England. I set out the original text of a number of my sermons.  I would be happy to discuss anything in any of the sermons.  It may be agreement or encouragement or it may be discussion of a different point of view.

What does it mean to forgive?: Jacob Meets Esau

Genesis 33.1-15 This sermon looks at forgiveness, by Esau to Jacob, looking at the South Africa experience under Nelson Mandela and what the bible teaches about forgiveness and its challenges for all of us Forgiveness0823     

Creation is groaning for redemption: Christian ecology

Romans 8.18-30 When Paul says the whole creation is groaning he surely could not have appreciated how hundreds of millions of people on our planet are anxious about the state of creation and how they agree creation seems to be vividly and tragically groaning. This passage has never been more so vital and relevant than now in late 2021. Ecology1021


Luke 4.1-13 We are the most globally inter connected people in the history of our planet.  Statisticians have shown that for the vast majority of our world, connected to the Internet in any way, we are only six steps, intermediary people, away from being able to connect to everyone anywhere. Yet are we also the most lonely and isolated generation?…

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