I enjoy writing.  The words seem to come quite freely and (some say) extensively!  I have often written about family law matters.

The International Family Law Practice

My main book of which I am primary author and editor and very proud is “The International Family Law Practice” published by Jordans and probably the leading textbook on the international aspects of family law work. The 6th edition was published August 2021 to include the laws which will apply post Brexit!

When Cupids Arrow crosses National Boundaries: A Guide for international families

With Ann Thomas, I am author of “When Cupids Arrow crosses National Boundaries: A Guide for international families”, a simple Q&A guide for lay persons distilling the complexities of international family law issues into an easily manageable format. Bothhttp://www.iflg.uk.com/cupids-arrow publications are available via me.

Divorce Reform: a Guide for Lawyers and Mediators

I am also author of “Divorce Reform: a Guide for Lawyers and Mediators” (Thompson Reuters) about the 1996  divorce  legislation , “The Business of Family Law” (Jordans) which was the first ever book on practice management  of family law work , “SFLA/Resolution Guide to International Family Law” and consulting editor of “Butterworth’s Family Law in Europe”.

I used to write a regular column for Jordan’s e-newletter on International Family Law matters.

The Innocent Martyr

I also enjoy reading and a good story. So when an opportunity arose in Australia , I wrote my first  fiction book. It is called “The Innocent Martyr” and is a dramatised fiction based on the story of one of the Tolpuddle Martyrs. I was able to carry out original research whilst in Sydney and set a number of the events and scenes in areas I knew.  In so doing,  I uncovered original source material  which showed  some of the  conventional history books  of what happened to them in Australia  are incorrect. I am told by those who have read it that it is a good read and a good story. It is presently  awaiting  interest from publishers,  who clearly don’t yet realise its potential !   Any interested publisher is invited to make contact!

Coming soon

In the meantime I’ve written  another book  on,  predictably enough,  a lawyer and based in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset,  in the early part of the  19th century  and who has a  sideline in smuggling  but who is recruited  by the government as a spy  during the Napoleonic wars .    I was inspired by a   similar and true story  as I was doing my research  about the convicts in New South Wales.  Again publishers are invited!

One day the books will find  their place  on the book shelves or whatever  the digital equivalent then will be .

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