In two judgements, cases heard together, the U.K.’s highest court has today, 14 October 2015, delivered an excellent message of the absolute importance of full and complete, open and transparent, disclosure in the making of final financial orders on relationship breakdown.  Material nondisclosure of financial or other relevant information or fraud will lead to any agreed arrangements or orders being set aside.  It is a huge ringing clarion call, to be heard by all with dealings in the family courts, that there has to be honesty, integrity and openness. 

My colleague, Hannah Budd, Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP has followed the cases closely and commented:

“Thankfully common sense has prevailed. It would have been difficult to see how our judicial system, one of the most revered in the world, could have possibly upheld agreements where one of the parties was found to have acted fraudulently, lied to the court and misled Judges. People must be honest about their circumstances at the time of a divorce or run the risk of their agreements being undone further down the line”.

I agree entirely and consider this well describes the vital importance. 

The full background is set out here

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